Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meet Christine and Judy

Christine is your typical Stepford wife.  She cooks, cleans, is a caregiver and a loving mother and grandmother.

Judy, is never in her house, slams crap in the microwave and tells you it tastes great.  When in fact, if it can't be cooked in a crock pot or on a camp stove, she's not all that interested.

Here is where the two sisters join forces.   We will share our recipes, share our stories, and hopefully we can share a few laughs.  Everything, even cooking, goes better with wine.  Christine drinks the wine with her meal, Judy drinks the wine while she's waiting for the microwave to ding.

Hang out with us and see what happens.  We will have posts up soon. 

Christine and Judy


  1. yall are a hoot - Dorothy - please put your slippers away - Uncle just tripped on them :)

    1. I'm sorry, they had mud on them from the trip to the chicken house to get eggs for tomorrow's recipe.